Certified Art Giclee
De kunst van kwaliteit

Certified Art Giclée

‘Art should take you by surprise’

                                                  Françoise Sagan

Art is pure craftsmanship. Art is unique, authentic and original. That is why artists are usually very attached to the original characteristics of their work. Reproductions should be treated with the same amount of respect as the original. Art is art.

Etching, serigraphy and stone lithography are well known traditional graphic techniques. We would like to introduce to you however, a completely new and contemporary printing technique. This technique, which is called Giclée, offers a wide range of beautiful - high quality- options. Since we are not the only ones who’ve discovered this new technique; there are a lot of commercial reproduction companies offering commercial Giclées of inferior quality, we think it is time for a clear statement on sheer quality.

What is a Giclée? When do I call a piece of art a Giclée? What is the quality of a Giclée? How can I recognise a high quality Giclée? Questions enough to be asked and to be answered by the Stichting Giclée Printers Europe (GPE). European suppliers of high quality Giclées are united in this association. You can recognise them by the exclusive quality hallmark - Certified Art Giclée™ -  on all their communications.

Finally, quality can be recognised! Further on this website you can read everything you want to know about the terms , the quality level, backgrounds, advantages etc. of the foundation.
Still, art remains pure craftsmanship. The aim of the Stichting Giclée Printers Europe is to contribute to the preservation of this unique workmanship. After all art should take you by surprise…


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